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East Knoyle Archives Group

Our village is fortunate to retain a considerable quantity of archives including maps, scrapbooks and an archive of photographs.

Following an article in the Village Newsletter, a small but enthusiastic group of villagers with an interest in the history of the village was formed.

Our Aims:


Compile a comprehensive index of all the archives.


Support other village groups & activities, as well as local schools, by providing access to historical village information.


Source funds to enable the preservation of the archives.


Present our own exhibitions from time to time of historical village items of interest.


Provide a point of contact for future donations of archival material.


Add the archives to the Village websites.

Get Involved

Anyone who has items which they think might be of interest to the archives, who has memories of importance to the archives or who would like to be involved in the work of the Group can contact us by emailing:

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